What is Smart Start?

We are a movement of parents and educators who fight for quality, affordable early education for all Australian children.

Our story so far

  • Where we started

    The Smart Start campaign launched in 2014 in response to changes to the National Quality Framework.

    We’re now a movement of over 26,000 parents and educators from all across the nation.

  • What we’ve done

    After winning the National Quality Framework, we focused on securing childcare funding so all Australian children have access to quality, affordable early education.

    In 2017, this legislation passed, meaning secured funding and a big win for families and children.

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  • Where we’re going

    The Smart Start campaign continues to actively campaign for quality early learning to make Australia smarter, fairer and more prosperous.

    We’ve come a long way but there is still so much more to do. Early learning has the opportunity to unlock our nation’s potential, but there are barriers that still prevent many families from accessing quality childcare.

What we’re currently campaigning for

Invest in early learning

Here are 6 reasons why the Australian Government should invest more in early education. Childcare and early learning benefits not only children and families but all Australians.

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Quality early learning

Quality early learning creates the environment for children to develop the confidence and skills they need to reach their full potential. Learning habits established early can last a lifetime.